Fact Sheets 

(courtesy of the US Environmental Protection Agency)

(courtesy of Indiana Department of Environmental Management)




  • Environmentally Friendly Concrete Wash-off Video - gives guidance on proper handling of concrete washout. Concrete washout wastes are caustic and pose a very real threat to surface waters as well as to all life forms that depend on them. Disposing of concrete washout improperly is a violation of the local stormwater management ordinance. The Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality partnered with the Muncie Sanitary District as well as other MS4 communities in Indiana and the Indiana Ready Mix Association to produce this Video.
  • Storm Drain Marking  - Purdue University-West Lafayette EPICS students hold a storm drain marking event taught by employees at the Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality.
  • Proper Refueling: Keeping our Waterways Clean  - This 6 minute video is designed to highlight the proper techniques for refueling vehicles and portable containers while reducing the potential for fuel to reach the storm sewer. Proper clean up and disposal methods are also outlined
  • Proper Concrete Washout Procedures For Contractors  - In 2013, this 9 minute video was shot in Hamilton County with the participation of the Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association.  The goal of this video was to add practices for properly managing concrete washout and concrete finishing discharges for end users.  The video features updated BMPs including how to washout in smaller areas.