Zach Beasley Recives a special recognition award for Oustanding Leadership

Zach Beasley Recives a special recognition award for Oustanding Leadership

The following text was prepared by INAFSM Awards Chair Rodney Renkenberger, PLS, CFM and read during the 19th Annual INAFSM Conference Awards Ceremony –


Our second recipient most definitely fits Lt. General Honore’s desire of us to be “Leaders”. I had met this young man during a time when he had least expected to be in a leadership position. Unfortunately, as we have all experienced, there are times that we must step up-to-the-plate sooner than expected and be able to take charge; This is called “Preparedness”. Along with preparedness is resiliency – being able to transition from one position to another. Zach Beasley stood tall and accepted the challenge of serving as the Tippecanoe County Surveyor. The leadership skills that Zach Beasley possesses are second to none. I will forever remember the first meeting that I witnessed Zach moderate. After calling the meeting to order, he approached the dry erase board on the wall and wrote: T.E.A.M.  - Together Everyone Accomplishes More – Powerful Message; At a time when the association was faltering Zach Beasley picked it up single-handedly and brought it back to life. Under Zach Beasley’s leadership, INAFSM has become the professional organization that we founding members had envisioned; additionally under Zach’s leadership, INAFSM secured an Administrative Assistant, established credibility to issue Professional Continuing Education Credits, reviewed the Association’s By-Laws and challenged a sub-committee to make it better, and lastly has set the foundation for updating the Association’s Strategic Plan……………..

Zach Beasley is very well respected by all of his colleagues; considered as a “Strong Chair; known in circles as Mr. “Done-right”; and serves as a mentor for tomorrow’s leaders. It is an honor and privilege to present Zach Beasley with this Special Recognition Award “In Recognition of Your Outstanding Leadership, Service and Contribution to the Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management, Inc. (INAFSM) and its Efforts to Promote Floodplain and Stormwater Education throughout Indiana.”

Wonders on the Wabash!

The second annual Wonders on the Wabash Expedition took place September 15, 2015 and was a great success! Thanks to The Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality, Tippecanoe County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Tippecanoe County Park and Recreation Department for once again joining forces to embark on a hands-on education experience with Faith Christian 6th grade students. The days events included a five and a half mile rafting trip with stops along the Wabash River to learn the importance of watersheds and the impacts everyday life has on a watershed. 

After months of planning the students day began bright and early at Happy Hallow Park where they were introduced to their raft instructors for the day and then learned the basics of a watershed. This activity laid the foundation of the day. Once the students were fitted for life jackets they were bused to Mascouten Park to launch the rafts and begin the educational journey down stream. The Students made two stops on river island to take water quality samples, observe macro invertebrates and fish of the Wabash. The trip ended at Fort Ouiatenon where the students were tested on the information of the day and ended with a small season of the local history.  

We would like to thank all volunteers and presenters for making this educational day possible!

Follow the link below to see our story featured on the news! 

TCPWQ Recognized at Annual Indiana MS4 Meeting

TCPWQ Recognized at Annual Indiana MS4 Meeting

On Tuesday, May 12th, the TCPWQ was presented with a Certificate of Recognition "For Outstanding Development and Implementation of Storm Water Programs or Projects that are beyond their MS4 Storm Water Quality Management Plan." This certificate specifically recognized the "Wonders on the Wabash" experiential education program hosted by the TCPWQ, the Tippecanoe County Soil & Water Conservation District, and the Tippecanoe County Park & Recreation Department. 

Annual Fall Wabash River Clean-Up Completed

On October 25th, over 200 Purdue students, business owners, and community members gathered at Tapawingo Park to clean up the riverbanks of the Wabash. Crews spread themselves throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette to ensure ground was covered. Upon return, dumpsters were filled with refuse that otherwise would have floated downstream. Everyone was treated to a warm lunch and sunshine after a hard day's work. 

Wonders on the Wabash Inaugural River Expedition an Experiential Education Success

The inaugural Wonders on the Wabash River Expedition was a pilot environmental education program that took place on September, 16th 2014. The Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality, Tippecanoe County Soil and Water Conservation District, and Tippecanoe County Park and Recreation Department joined forces to begin a new chapter in experiential education on the Wabash River.